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The Blogola Watch® (Fashion/Shopping Division)

From our Pay to Plug desk: Fashion/Lifestyle bloggers are engaged in some serious buckraking – from $5000 to $50,000 – for flacking designers and brands, and the blogees are starting to rebel. Details at Sneak Adtack.     Advertisements

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Judge: Google Can’t Pay Blogola Under The Table

It’s not the principle, it’s the principal. Read all about it at the spiffy new Sneak Adtack. (Thanks, Diana & Gabby!)  

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Honda Is Fonda Paying Bloggers For Plugs

Blogola is a problem serious enough to draw the regulatory attention of the Obama administration. But that hasn’t affected the efforts of marketers to grease bloggers (in this case through a third-party European company). From Jalopnik (via MediaPost): How Honda Pays Bloggers To Write About … Continue reading

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