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New York Times ‘The Truth’ Campaign Safeguards . . . Cooking?

For the past two years the hardworking staff has diligently chronicled the newspaper industry’s Pep Squad for Truth – those preaching-to-the-choir ad campaigns aimed at convincing the American public that real news matters. Chief among the pom-pom crowd has been … Continue reading

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New York Public Library Goes ‘Full-Page Bookie’ in NYT

Any book lover has to love the New York Public Library’s full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times. Not only that . . . Best of all . . . Sign us up!

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New York Times Ventures Into New Adver-Whatever Frontier

Over the past several years, the hardworking staff – and our kissin’ cousins at Sneak Adtack – have chronicled the Grey Lady’s opening the kimono to advertorials and edvertorials from marketers hither and yon. Still, we weren’t sure what to … Continue reading

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Civilians Who Run Full-Page Ads in the New York Times (@MaxKingRealty Edition)

Yesterday’s New York Times yielded a bumper crop of full-page advocacy ads. There was this ADL ad on page 11.   And this ad from a boatload of human-rights and faith-based groups on page 17.     But it was … Continue reading

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‘Lest We Forget’/’Yankees Suck!’

The other day I took the Green Line downtown to meet the Missus. At Kenmore, a horde of Red Sox fans boarded the trolley, fresh off the Duck Boat Parade celebrating the fourth Boston Red Sox World Series Championship of … Continue reading

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