The Times (New York and Financial) They Are A Changin’

Stealth marketing proceeds apace in swallowing up mainstream media.

Exhibit Umpteen, via Digiday’s Jessica Davies.

The Financial Times readies paid posts for advertisers


The Financial Times is revamping its approach to branded content, with the aim of giving advertisers more options.

The publisher is uniting its existing content marketing packages and launching a sponsored content offering “paid posts,” under a newly branded unit, FT Squared, dedicated to these kinds of advertiser partnerships.

“We’re launching Squared and paid posts to show advertisers we’re serious about content marketing,” said Dominic Good, FT’s global advertising sales director. “We’re not racing to predict that it will become 30+ percent of our revenues by a certain date, but it’s an important step forward.”

Financial Times press release: “The Financial Times today announces the launch of FT² (FT Squared), bringing together a suite of content marketing products under one brand. Using a team of talented designers and writers, the FT’s commercial team is increasing its focus on content creation, data analytics and new digital tools to bring carefully selected client content to the right audience at the right time.”

Sneak Adtack Official Rule of Thumb (pat. pending): Beware of any media outlet promising “a suite of content marketing products.”

Representative sample . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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