Public Editor Brands NYT’s Branded Content a ‘Delicate Balance’

imagesAs the hardtracking staff previously noted, the New York Times has been preparing to jump into the native advertising pool along with the rest of the sink-or-swim set. According to Advertising Age, the recently installed Times executive VP of advertising, Meredith Kopit Levien, gave a speech last month in which she laid out the future of the paper as a marketing platform.

“Native is a table stakes for every marketer and every publisher,” she told an audience at Sharethrough‘s Native Advertising Summit in Chicago. Banner ads, she added, are a “huge and important business” at the Times, but they will become more automated and standardized over time. Many publishers hope native ads will help counter the downward pressure on ad rates that’s created by those trends.

Yesterday the Times Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, weighed in on her blog and on Twitter.

The tweet:

The post, from the Public Editor’s Journal . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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4 Responses to Public Editor Brands NYT’s Branded Content a ‘Delicate Balance’

  1. At least we know the pressures of the market won’t affect their “delicate balance.”

  2. Pretty sure the ratio of non-branded to branded content at Yahoo is 0:100. At best.

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