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Once around the park, James, and don’t spare the horses.

The ‘Dawn’ of a New Documentary

Procter & Gamble has launched a seven-part web series called The Big Picture that “showcases how the consumer products giant’s Dawn [dishwashing detergent] is used by wildlife rescuers to nurture animals back to health after oil spills and other hazards,” according to P&G’s hometown Cincinnati Enquirer.

From the press relea- . . . er, news report

Viewers can watch the first webisode of the series on More webisodes to be released online through September.

Episodes will show stories of animal patients rescued by bilde1-290x290Dawn’s wildlife partners, including a newborn seal pup abandoned by his family after unwanted human interaction, and an ailing pelican contaminated by boating oil.

Following each webisode, viewers can send e-thank you cards to the rescue volunteers who take on this wildlife mission everyday.


See for yourself . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.


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