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New York Times Catches Up (Sort Of) To Sneak Adtack

For months now the hardtracking staff at Sneak Adtack has been on sponsored content like Brown on Williamson. Now the New York Times has jumped on the brandwagon. Sponsors Now Pay for Online Articles, Not Just Ads Articles in a series on Mashable.com … Continue reading

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Getting Restless About Native Advertising

Turns out it’s not just the hardtracking staff that thinks native advertising is a menace to editorial integrity. Exhibit A This piece headlined “What the Atlantic learned from Scientology: native advertising is harder for news brands” in the aptly named paidContent: At an ad … Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan Says Mitt Romney Could Be Toast

Blogger extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan believes the Bainific attacks on Mitt Romney might be fatal. From the Daily Beast Cheat Sheet: Exhibit A: This New York Post piece that details Romney’s robber-baron  past in excruciating detail. Hard to believe Romney won’t … Continue reading

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Brave News World Of Linkmanship

The hardworking staff has been, well, working hard to keep up with the Tucson-shootings media rumpus, which continuously feeds off itself like some sort of artificial unintelligence. Exhibit A: Sarah Palin’s idiotic “blood libel” accusation about criticism of her. Exhibit … Continue reading

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