Time Says Magazine Editors On Its Side

From our Late to the Party Line desk

As the hardtracking staff noted last fall, Time, Inc. has decided to trade journalism’s traditional Chinese Wall between advertising and editorial for the Berlin Wall – that is, a thing of the past.

From Advertising Age last November:

Understanding Time Inc.’s New Editorial Order

Structure Won’t Undermine Journalism, CEO Joe Ripp Says

Storied magazine publisher Time Inc. surprised its editors on Thursday by assigning them to report to division presidents fortune_tallinstead of an editorial executive, leading some to wonder whether business interests would now trump those of edit.

Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp said the restructuring will make the publisher of Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune more innovative and entrepreneurial. “We are not only going to be respecting our traditions enormously, but setting the company to move forward,” Mr. Ripp said.

New Chief Content Officer Norm Pearlstine, who was installed as part of the changes, said Time Inc. is catching up with the media business. “Frankly, it’s more consistent with not only the print industry, but digital and broadcast and the rest of media,” he said.

And more consistent with journalism’s buckraking by any means possible.

And now – lo and behold! – Time, Inc. says it’s all good with the editors of its various publications.

Via the indispensable Jim Romenesko . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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2 Responses to Time Says Magazine Editors On Its Side

  1. Was watching a Dodge Ram commercial last night and an episode of “Longmire” broke out.

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