Scrapple From the Apple (Store)

Well the Missus and I trundled down to the Boylston Street Apple store to dump some old computers last night and, say, it was swell.

Largely because we dropped off a Mac SE that we bought in 1989 for – get this – $3000, which was real money at the time.

(Then again, it changed our freelance writing life and saved us a fortune in Liquid Paper.)

The whole store was abuzz at the appearance of our relic, with multiple Apple Geeks stopping by to say “Can I have it?”

Of course the Missus said yes. But the Manager said no.

So it goes.

Campaign Outsider Bonus: Charlie Parker’s original recording of Scrapple from the Apple:




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2 Responses to Scrapple From the Apple (Store)

  1. So that’s why you’re so good at Dark Castle.

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