The Sneak in Review: What’s Brewing in StealthWorld

Once around the park, James, and don’t spare the sources!

Native formats will take over digital channels this year, according to J.P. Morgan analysts. That means ads in sheep’s clothing will dominate the digital flock.

So let’s call the roll of some not-so-good shepherds.

From MediaPost:

AOL, MillerCoors Sign Native Ad Pact, ‘Brew Pub’ Aimed At Male Millennials

Forget banners, pre-rolls or anything that looks like “advertising.” Brands want ownership of “editorial” content — and with big bucks at stake, publishers are playing along.miller-lite-1881

Take the new native ad pact between AOL and brewing giant MillerCoors, which is worth about $5 million, according to industry sources . . .

AOL has agreed to produce about 350 pieces of original content — including 100 videos — before the end of the year. At Miller’s request, each piece will appeal to male millennials, and plug Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Blue Moon, or Redd’s Apple Ale.

The so-called Brew Pub Newsroom will “span AOL properties including Huffington Post, Huff Post Live and the male-focused”

Because stealth marketing is mandatory, of course.

But it’s not just fake newsrooms that are trafficking in this sleight-of-ad. It’s real ones too . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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  1. How do we know this post isn’t native? There’s even a picture.

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