The Brookline Spa Is Back!

The hardworking staff, which has lived a block away from the Brookline Spa for 25 years, remembers when it resembled a front for, we don’t know, maybe a bookie joint – there was some stale bread, a few canned goods, not much else.

It looked like this:




Then last fall it shut down for renovations.

Six months later the Spa is back. And better than ever (which wasn’t all that hard – but why get technical about it).

New look:




New menu here. Facebook page here. Twitter feed here.

The hardmunching staff looks forward to eating there soon.

Like this weekend.


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4 Responses to The Brookline Spa Is Back!

  1. The “Medford Spa” I grew up with turned into a lottery store decades ago. No more lime rickeys.

  2. rob schneider says:

    MAYBE a bookie joint? Oh come now.

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