A Tweet New Advertising Gambit (II)

A while back the hardworking staff detailed a new dynamic in mainstream marketing: Social-media-fueled ads.

Call it tweetvertising.

Exhibit A (for Chobani Greek Yogurt):

Exhibit B (for Trident Layers gum):

Now comes Exhibit C (from the American Express Social Currency campaign):


American Express: Social Media Has Its Rewards.

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2 Responses to A Tweet New Advertising Gambit (II)

  1. arafat kazi says:

    The first few tweets in the Amex ad seemed suspiciously well spelled, but then there was a “LETS GO SHOPPING” with no apostrophe and I was satisfied.

    Btw, CPB’s been doing an interesting job with this:


    They also have a web thingy where whenever two people tweet about mac n cheese at the same time, they’re sent an email with the info:


    Pretty cool stuff.

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