A Tweet New Advertising Gambit

Consumer-generated ads are so last Super Bowl.

(See Pepsi Max and Doritos spots from version XLV.)

Trending now are social-network-fueled ads.

Thursday New York Times report:

Chobani, Greek Yogurt Leader, Lets Its Fans Tell the Story

THE leading brand in a growing grocery category is introducing its first television advertising in an effort to stay ahead of a growing field of competitors.

The brand is Chobani, which is No. 1 in sales in the booming Greek yogurt segment of the yogurt market. In addition to television commercials, the campaign for Chobani, sold by Agro Farma, includes the Chobani Web site (chobani.com), billboards and social media like FacebookTwitter andYouTube — all to encourage “real” fans of the brand to share their “real love stories” by submitting video clips, photographs and comments.

Such as, this billboard:

And, of course, the campaign is hooked up with other social media sites:

[Unruly Media, which specializes in so-called social video] is arranging for sites like mommydaddyblog.comnotecook.com and passportdelicious.com to carry the Chobani commercials along with a two-minute clip about the making of the spots.


Preceding this social gathering was the American Express Twitter-charged WhatsBooming campaign, which happened to feature ads in the same day’s Business and Styles sections of the Times; a Motorola campaign that highlighted tweets and blog raves about the Android phone; and this print ad for Trident Gum that ran in USA Today:

Free content: From an advertiser’s standpoint, tastes tweet, yes?

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3 Responses to A Tweet New Advertising Gambit

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    When you de-friend a yogurt, does it get messy?

  2. Michael Pahre says:

    Since when is Chobani No.1 in sales in the Greek yogurt market?

    I thought that Fage was the dominant player in expensive, high-fat yogurt sold at crunchy stores.

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