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Mazda Gets Some Lorax-ion

Universal Pictures’ new release The Lorax features a major buildup and a major built-in: A marketing partnership with Mazda. From Mediaite: Really?! The Lorax Is Being Used To Shill For SUVs Irony died this week when the hyper-saccharine, “rainbow-barf monstrosity” 3D-CG film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The … Continue reading

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‘History Sniffers’ Take It On The Nose

The New York woman who sued the behavioral advertising network Interclick last month for “history sniffing” (Sneak ADtack post here) is now suing Interclick’s clients, specifically McDonald’s, CBS, Mazda, and Microsoft. As MediaPost reports: In a complaint filed Tuesday with the U.S. District Court … Continue reading

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