‘History Sniffers’ Take It On The Nose

The New York woman who sued the behavioral advertising network Interclick last month for “history sniffing” (Sneak ADtack post here) is now suing Interclick’s clients, specifically McDonald’s, CBS, Mazda, and Microsoft.

As MediaPost reports:

In a complaint filed Tuesday with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Sonal Bose alleges that McDonald’s and the other companies “acted in concert with Interclick,” to mine users’ Web surfing history for marketing purposes. “Defendants circumvented the privacy and security controls of consumers who, like plaintiff, had configured their browsers to prevent third-party advertisers from monitoring their online activities,” Bose alleges.

Furthermore, the lawsuit says:

“Interclick engages in browser history sniffing on behalf of Defendants, to obtain information about entities with whom consumers have communicated and with whom Interclick and defendants have no affiliation. All the consumer information Interclick acquired while executing an ad campaign for any one defendant was merged into Interclick’s consumer profile database and subsequently used for behavioral targeting on behalf of all defendants.”

Ms. Bose is seeking class action status in her lawsuit, but in the meantime, watch your backslash.

(This post originally appeared in Sneak ADtack.)

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