Journalists Screwed Twice by Native Advertisers

So it’s not bad enough that native advertising – those ads in sheep’s clothing tricked out to look like editorial content – is slowly chipping away at the authority and credibility of real journalism. Now it’s also chipping away at the livelihoods of real journalists.

From Adweek (via Pew Research Daily Media Briefing):

Skimping on Fees and Avoiding Journalists: Are Publishers Doing Native on the Cheap?

Could be moving toward an advertorial model

revenue-graph-chart-hed-2013_0From publishers to creative agencies to writer networks, many seem to be making money from native advertising. But one group that doesn’t always share equally in the booty is journalists.

While some are paying standard freelance rates or more to those who create native ads, some bad apples are skimping on fees or avoiding hiring journalists altogether.

One brand marketer told of an established news organization promising native content produced by its top journalists but that ultimately used marketing freelancers. “They represented themselves as giving access to their editorial staff,” the exec said. “Then they delivered articles written by copywriters instead of journalists.”

Okay, a couple of things . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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