How Sneak Adtack Scooped The New York Times On Celebrity Stealth Marketing

The New York Times ran this Nick Bilton Disruptions piece on Page One of Monday’s Business section:

bits-disruptcosby-tmagArticleSocial Media Product Plugs Draw Scrutiny

In 1982, Bill Cosby appeared on television showing off a snazzy new computer. “Looking for a powerful home computer?” he said as he waved his hands over a Texas Instruments PC that looks archaic now. “This is the one! With 16K memory, it can take you a long way.”

The commercial made it obvious that Mr. Cosby, a prominent comedian and television star, was being paid to promote the boxy device.

Computers have changed significantly in the decades since. And, to the confusion of consumers, celebrity endorsements have, too.

Right. They’ve gotten sneaky. The Times piece points to this celebrity tweet as an example:

The thing is, Cyrus was “given some consideration for her tweet,” according to a BlackJet executive. But, asks the Times, “[d]id her 12 million Twitter followers know about the arrangement? It’s unlikely . . . ”

Well, if those 12 million Twits had read Sneak Adtack (as if), they would at least have been suspicious.

That’s because the hardtracking staff posted this several months ago, along with this . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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