Sneak ADtack’s Recommended Reading

Every now and then the articles start to pile up at Sneak ADtack Central, so to kind of clear the coffee table, here are some pieces you might want to check out:

• Ad AgeTwitter Landing More TV Roles Than Most of Product Placement’s Top Practitioners

The rich get richer: “YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all show up during prime-time entertainment programming on broadcast TV as often, or more often, than many of even the biggest practitioners of product placement.” Don’t miss the nifty charts.

• MediaPostFacebook’s Changes Present Opportunities For Brands

Everything Mark Zuckerberg does is designed to weasel more information out of the vast legions of Facebookniks, the better to peddle them to online marketers. This piece details what new avenues the latest wave of changes – revamped news feed, Ticker, Timeline, etc. – opens up for the marketing crowd (about to get more crowded).

• Los Angeles TimesThere’s little privacy in a digital world

Subhed: Users of TVs, computers and smartphones leave technological fingerprints wherever they go, and companies are lapping up the data. And don’t forget video games, retail store loyalty cards, you cable box, and etc. All to help marketers target and address you more effectively. (Although, as the Sneaksters noted recently, not everyone is impressed by the results.)

Geek.comFacebook stores up to 800 pages of personal data per user account

There’s that man again! (Fun fact to know and tell: Facebook can track you even when you’re logged out.) But here’s the money quote:

As well as the information you’d expect (name, address, date of birth, friends), there’s also unexpected data such as messages you have deleted, logging which events you decided not to attend as well as those you did, the last location you accessed Facebook from, a list of every single machine you ever logged into Facebook from, who has poked you, and there’s even fields for political and religious views even though they were empty.


That’s a big yikes. (Tip o’ the pixel to Jeff H.)

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