Duh! o’ the Day (pat. pending)

Boston Globe pull quote in Tuesday’s front-page piece about the big shakeup at Suffolk University, which involves installing a dozen new trustees and appointing a new president:

The school is expected to select [outgoing president] David Sargent’s replacement in the next few months. Those familiar with the search say the ideal president would have experience leading an urban institution.

Ya think?

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1 Response to Duh! o’ the Day (pat. pending)

  1. Speaking from an entirely biased perspective as a semi-distinguished graduate of Suffolk U. Law School, I believe the Globe, a repository of Harvard grads, has an unhealthy obsession with Suffolk University. All the inside baseball stories about Sargent, the trustees, etc. always are front-page stories, and I find it hard to believe that Globe readers are clamoring for information about what happens behind the curtain of academia.

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