Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (Department Of Corrections Edition)

Yesterday the hardworking staff noted the American Crossroads ad claiming that Barack Obama has abandoned his promises not to raise taxes.

Factcheck.org says, not so fast.

An American Crossroads TV ad claims Obama’s position on taxes is “different” than it was in 2009. It isn’t.

The conservative group began airing a new TV ad in St. Louis on Oct. 3 in advance of the president’s fundraising trip to Missouri. The ad, titled “Don’t,” urges Obama not to raise taxes. But it distorts the president’s position on taxes two years ago by taking a snippet of an Obama interview in August 2009 and using it out of context.

The ad its own self:

Factcheck.org conclusion:

We take no position on whether Obama’s plan is good or bad for the economy, and we cannot predict whether there will be a double-dip recession. But we can say that his position on taxes is no “different” today than it was in 2009.


Your conclusion goes here.

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