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Does This Boston Globe Chart Look Right To You?

Friday’s Boston Globe Business section featured this piece about local burger chain  b.good’s expansion  plans (dead-tree hed and subhed): B.GOOD READY TO GROW All-natural burger chain’s first franchise location is set to open in Shrewsbury, and dozens more are slated … Continue reading

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Right question, wrong verb tense. Does any rational person really believe that the TV industry has not sold out to product placement? Regardless, TV Guide asks the (rhetorical) question in a current piece that provides this answer: Product placement isn’t new — it’s been … Continue reading

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Hawaii Five-0 Takes The Oy Train

This might be the worst sellout ever in primetime TV product placement. From a recent episode of Hawaii Five-0: Actually, that’s not product placement – that’s a friggin’ commercial. And friggin’ insulting. Not to mention the incessant Chevrolet flogging on the show. Enough already, CBS! Originally … Continue reading

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