New York Times Ventures Into New Adver-Whatever Frontier

Over the past several years, the hardworking staff – and our kissin’ cousins at Sneak Adtack – have chronicled the Grey Lady’s opening the kimono to advertorials and edvertorials from marketers hither and yon.

Still, we weren’t sure what to make of page 7 in yesterday’s Styles section.


Is it an ad? It doesn’t say so.

Is it editorial content? It doesn’t say that, either.

It does say this.



The headscratching staff figures it’s an ad. We also think that previously, the Times would have labeled it as such. ¬†Times a-changin’, eh?

P.S. Here’s a link if you want to buy the lipstick and be like Tia.

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3 Responses to New York Times Ventures Into New Adver-Whatever Frontier

  1. Stephen Z Stein says:

    I don’t read the hard-copy Times often, but certainly there have been full-page ads. What label used to accompany such ads? (I can’t recall ever noticing one.) Is it different in sections other than the front section?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Traditionally, when an ad wasn’t immediately recognizable as one or if there might be a chance of confusion (and in many cases of political/advocacy ads), the NYT – and many other print publications – would label them “Advertisement” across the top and the bottom of the page. (See for several examples.)

      In this case, I’m guessing it was omitted for aesthetic reasons. Or the Times has changed its policy. Or nobody cares except an old fogey like me.

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