Politico Pimps Out Its Daily Tipsheets to Advertisers

From its inception, Politico has pursued one objective: to win the morning. Toward that end, the (mostly) online publication has launched an armada of daily tipsheets.


Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.32.36 PM


For some time now, those daily digests have featured embedded advertising along these lines (from the 7/15/14 Politico Playbook):

** A message from JPMorgan Chase & Co.: In May, we committed $100M to support Detroit’s recovery. Two months later, $20M is already being put to work. One of our initial investments will help a nonprofit community lender provide rehab loan financing for residents who bid in the city’s home auction –helping to bring Detroit’s neighborhoods back to life. Learn more http://bit.ly/1k8wcJs **

The double asterisk is Politico code for “advertisement.”

But the selling no longer stops there. Consider this advert creep in Politico’s Morning Score.

First, the usual:

** Katz Radio Group is your one-stop media partner. No other company can match the massive reach, local targeting abilities and effectiveness of Katz Radio Group. Timing is everything in an election. Let Katz Radio Group give you the reach and speed you need to effectively deliver your message. Contact: Patrick.McGee@katzradiogroup.com **

Then, the unusual:

** Want to Reach Voters? Time to Get Personal. Special Report by Pat McGee, SVP Political Strategies for Katz Radio Group

Radio is personal. According to Nielsen, more than 90% of Americans spend nearly three hours every day listening to Radio. That’s a huge amount of time spent with 9 out of 10 in any age group: millennials, moms, Hispanics, empty nesters — and yes, voters.

Research also shows 93% of radio’s massive audience hears commercial spots when they air, without delay or skipping. For political advertisers, there is no better way to make an immediate impact and influence voters than through radio’s enormous reach and local targeting abilities.

When you ask someone what their favorite radio station is, they almost always have an answer. Your favorite radio station reflects who you are and what you care about most. Radio inspires, it influences and it brings communities together.

If you want to reach voters where their neighborhood is and their passion lives, let Katz Radio Group, your one-stop media partner, deliver your story one market at a time to millions of voters across the country.

Contact: Patrick.McGee@katzradiogroup.com **

That’s Politico totally pimping out their editorial space.

Then there’s this, from Politico’s Capital Playbook (it appears in the email version, but not on the web):

** Capital Playbook reader survey: We need your feedback! Will you click on the link below and complete a short reader survey? It will take less than a minute to complete, no personally identifiable information will be collected, and all responses are confidential. Thanks for your participation, and your continued, loyal readership!! Take Survey **

Think that might be a paid placement? Here’s the top of the survey:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 12.01.03 AM

Don’t know about nuclear energy, but pretty sure stealth marketing is an important component of Politico’s advertising mix. (Extra credit: “Mike Allen, native advertising pioneer.” WashPost’s Erik Wemple here, the hardworking staff here.)

Politico’s editorial credibility?

You tell us.

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