Journalism Is the Second-Worst Job? Hah! Advertisers Are the Least Trusted!

Good news! Journalists are moving up in the professional world!

Via MediaBistro’s FishbowlNY:

Newspaper Reporter Now Only Second Worst Career


Good news, newspaper reporters of the nation, your job is now only the second worst career choice a person could make. CareerCast’s annual survey of the top 200 jobs placed newspaper journalist at 199, barely edging out lumberjack, at 200. In last year’s survey, newspaper journalist was ranked dead last.

(Somewhere, Graham Chapman is smiling.)

Not such good news these days for advertisers, though. From Advertising Age’s The Data Issue:

Survey: Advertisers Rank Below Government at Protecting Personal Data

Gfk Study Finds Just 25% Believe Marketers Can Be Trusted

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.21.43 AM

Consumers trust marketers and advertisers with their data about as far as they can throw ’em. More than half of those participating in a recent privacy study said doctors, search engines and banks warrant their trust when it comes to personal data protection. Marketers and advertisers, on the other hand, elicted the least faith from those surveyed; just 25% said the industry is trustworthy with personal information.

So . . .

It’s better to be a journalist than a huckster.

Feel better yet?


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4 Responses to Journalism Is the Second-Worst Job? Hah! Advertisers Are the Least Trusted!

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    As they sang on Monty Python,
    “Oh I’m a journalist and I’m okay,
    I work all night and I sleep all day . . .”

  2. Enjoy it while there’s still a recognized difference between reporters and advertisers.

    Btw – methinks it was Michael Palin.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Yeah – Palin, Terry Jones, and Fred Tomlinson wrote it (at least according to – God forgive me – Wikipedia), but Graham Chapmen was in it.

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