NYT Also Excels at Boston Marathon Bombings Coverage

As you all undoubtedly know by now, the Boston Globe has won a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for its Breaking News Reporting of last year’s Marathon bombings.

Less noticed locally is the New York Times Feature Photography Pulitzer for Josh Haner’s “moving essay on a Boston Marathon bomb blast victim who lost most of both legs and now is painfully rebuilding his life.”

No question the Globe owns this story, as witness this week’s David Abel/Jessica Rinaldi two-part series on the Richard family’s struggles in the wake of losing their eight-year-old son Martin and his seven-year-old sister Jane’s losing most of her left leg (which reporting the estimable Dan Kennedy noted at Media Nation could be the next Pulitzer the Globe wins).

But the Times is still nipping at the Globe’s heels. Exhibit A: Katharine Q. Seelye’s front-page piece on the Norden brothers in yesterday’s edition.

A Year After the Boston Marathon Bombings, Injured Brothers Endure

STONEHAM, Mass. — When two bombs transformed last year’s Boston Marathon into a war zone, the Norden family absorbed a double dose of grief. J. P., 34, and his brother Paul, 32, both strapping construction workers in their prime who were there to cheer on a friend, each lost a leg in the carnage.

Since then, they have slowly, achingly, been rebuilding their MARATHON-master675-v2lives. After lengthy hospital stays and more than 50 surgeries between them, they are walking on prosthetic legs. They talk of starting a roofing business together. Both have moved out of their mother’s house in this working-class suburb just north of Boston and are living with their girlfriends. Paul is engaged.

The Nordens do not want to dwell on what happened at the marathon or be defined by it.

Regardless, the Globe and the Times are being defined by it.

(Then there’s today’s front-page piece in the Times about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s daily prison routine, which is not going over well, but that’s another story . . . )

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3 Responses to NYT Also Excels at Boston Marathon Bombings Coverage

  1. Wow, the Times really threw the crazy lady from Wisconsin under the bus, huh?

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