‘Cougar Town’ Turns into Target Town

The walls keep tumbling down.

In the beginning, there was product placement. Then came product integration.

Now? Now comes – what should we call this? –  product domination.

From the New York Times:

Like That Vase on the TV? Click Your Phone to Buy It

ABOUT 87 percent of Americans watch television while using devices like smartphones and tablets, but most of that second-screen usage is unrelated to the show or movie, according to the Adco-articleLargeNPD Group, a market research company.

Now, in what could signal a new era for product placement, Target will feature dozens of products on a new episode of “Cougar Town,” the TBS comedy series, and, at the moment the products appear on television screens, encourage viewers to purchase them on their second screens . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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