Our ‘Beat the Press Party’ Bakeoff (Thursday’s Curse Edition)

From our Another Day, Another Dolor desk

Once again the Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight is a total mismatch because the Boston Herald’s Press Party just can’t wait until Friday to deliver its weekly insights.

Last month the Wayne’s World webcast missed Nelson Mandela’s death and the subsequent flood of news coverage thanks to its Thursday dateline. Last week the Partyniks had nothing about the Wagnerian press conference staged on Friday by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R-Road Toll) to damage-control the George Washington Bridge antics of his runaway (he says) minions.

Instead, the early birds had this:

The first big snowstorm, a new mayor, and an MSNBC mistake. You’ll find it all on Press Party this week.

Veteran meteorologist and Boston Herald Radio contributor PressParty_ShowLogoMark Rosenthal joins us and he has some tough words for TV news directors these days calling most of the winter storm reporting overkill from pretty faces who know nothing.

The panel talks all about Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and how he’ll interact with the press. He’s already shown he’s still that boy from Dorchester, but how long will that last?

Make sure you catch City Councilor Tito Jackson and Herald Radio host Jaclyn Cashman debate over Melissa Harris-Perry’s blubbering apology on MSNBC.

Yes well who’s blubbering now, eh?

Crosstown at WGBH’s Beat the Press, the Christie rumpus was front and center.



Verdict: “the coverage was not overblown,” “Christie is not credible,” “unseemly for the media to conclude that Christie is lying,” “he seemed believable to me.”

Okay then.

The Beatniks also chewed over [Dennis] Rodman’s Nutty Rant and John Henry’s Global Vision.

One town, two different places.

And so we’re begging you, Partyniks: For your own good – and ours – move back to Friday.

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