Our Beat The Press Party Bakeoff (Nelson Mandela Edition)

In this week’s Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight, it’s not, as often happens, that the local media hall monitors are operating in different universes.

It’s that they’re operating on different days.

Start as always with the Boston Herald’s Underdog Press Party.

This week’s Press Party media show features an ethical debate on the Sandy Hook shooting 911 calls, a little bit of fun with Ron Burgundy, and a discussion about the future of news magazines.

Notice anything missing? Like the death of Nelson Mandela? That’s because the Wayne’s World Webcast tapes on Thursday instead of Friday the way a normal week in review show does.

Cut to WGBH’s Big Dog Beat the Press, which featured this Mandela valedictory:



The hardpartying staff isn’t in the business of dispensing advice, but memo to the Herald:

For God’s sake, move Press Party back to Friday.

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