New York Times Jockeys Its Way Into Native Advertising Steeplechase

Move over, BuzzFeed and Gawker.

The New York Times is joining you in the branded content bakeoff.

From Advertising Age:

the_jockey_3x2New York Times Weaves Custom Ads Into ‘Snow Fall’-Like ‘The Jockey’

‘This Time We Learned From Our Mistakes’

“The Jockey,” The New York Times’ new 10,000-word profile of horse racing legend Russell Baze, will draw comparisons to “Snow Fall” for its immersive web design and multimedia elements. But unlike “Snow Fall,” where awkwardly inserted standard ads disrupted a lavish account of a deadly avalanche, “The Jockey” features custom ad units designed to better fit the new environment . . .

“Snow Fall” carried standard ad units that were not custom built for the story, clunky additions to a slick feature. After its publication, the Times’ business side said it planned to work with advertisers on custom ads for these types of stories in the future.

The Ad Age piece notes that “[Sponsor BMW] didn’t initially know when it would be published, what it would look like, or even exactly how the ads would render . . . ”

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.

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