On Native Advertising, BuzzFeed Schools While Google Scolds

Here’s bad news for anyone who values the separation of advertising and editorial content.

“Native advertising is going to be the only advertising. The question is only what people are going to put in those units.”

Thus spake BuzzFeed’s Jon Steinberg at a recent panel on social Internet advertising.

Of course, BuzzFeed – a website that’s unabashedly dedicated to making its content (such as 23 Kitties of Congress) go viral – has a vested interest in promoting ads in sheep’s clothing, since its entire revenue model is built on them. In fact, the website has introduced tutorials to help marketers create native advertising.

From Advertising Age:

BuzzFeed_Authorized_Storyteller_2BuzzFeed Starts Program to Train Agencies in the BuzzFeed Way

Agencies That Take Part Will Receive ‘Accreditation’ From BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is starting an effort to train agencies in BuzzFeed-style storytelling — all the better to support its bottom line with sponsored posts, also known as “native advertising.”

Its Social Storytelling Creator Program, inspired by agency cultivation efforts at Facebook and Google, is meant to seed the market with agencies and people that will do great work in the social storytelling space, according to Jon Steinberg, president and COO at BuzzFeed, who previously helped develop small business partnerships at Google. “We want more people doing it in a high quality way,” he said.

Also known as “The BuzzFeed Way” . . .

Read the rest at Sneak Adtack.


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