Boston Herald Wants To Beat WGBH’s Beat The Press

Our feisty local tabloid has increasingly increased its video production lately (Exhibit A: High Noon), and yesterday it upped the ante with the introduction of the Boston Herald Press Party on Page 2:

Picture 1



Picture 5


And then there was this full-page ad promoting the webcast:

Picture 4


It’s no coincidence that the show will be webcast at 7 pm on Friday: That’s the same time WGBH airs its longtime media review Beat the Press.

(Full disclosure: The hardworking staff was a BTP correspondent for many years but is no longer.)

Let the wild Beatdown rumpus begin!

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5 Responses to Boston Herald Wants To Beat WGBH’s Beat The Press

  1. Bill says:

    BTP used to be worth watching, but in the past year or so it has been increasingly “clubby” with lots of mutual backscratching. But beyond that, it has veered from its supposed mission of looking at how the press has covered things, to becoming just another bunch of talking heads commenting on the events of the week, and ignoring the “press” aspect in many cases. Makes sense: it’s so much easier for the panelists to be pundits on events than to actually provide insight–good or bad–on what the media did, whether collectively or calling out individuals. And they have ignored major local stories, such as the reporter for the Globe, I think (I forget his name), who went to work for John Kerry as press aide–you would think that would get some air time. So both the topics and the treatment have become lazy and unfocused, seems to me.

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    Patrick Purcell : “Herald reporters are in the thick of the scrum . . .”
    “Scrum”? Does Purcell think they are all still working for that Austrailian guy?

  3. Carly Pack-Bailey says:

    @ Bill while I understand part of what your saying I respectfully disagree with most of your comments. Does BTP need to beef it up? Uh, yea. Perhaps the Herald’s attempt will help them do just that. We all need tune ups now and then, right? Gotta applaud the Herald for working with the net and younger folk. Paper to net or paper AND net. I hope for the latter. Isn’t there room in this town for both of these to happen. I know lots of college kids who would watch them at the same time. I’m not kidding. Tweet, computer on your lap, earbuds at an event, etc. Amazing what they can do? Focus level? Who knows. I am just happy they are interested in the news. They will save or close newspapers down. Again hoping for the latter.

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