Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Herald Comes In First! Edition)

Actually, it’s not like the Boston Herald’s Press Party beat WGBH’s Beat the Press in last night’s Great Boston MediaWatch Dogfight. It just beat BTP to the punch.

(Full disclosure: The hardwatching staff was a longtime blah blah blah.)

When it debuted in March, the feisty local tabloid’s Wayne’s World webcast streamed at 7 pm on Friday, directly opposite the ‘GBH broadcast. Now it’s posted early on Friday, presumably to . . . who knows what.

Regardless, it’s instructive to compare their respective treatments of Massachusetts Lt. Gov. Tim Murray’s announcement this week that he’s abdicating to the private sector.

Press Party’s Did the media buy Tim Murray’s story segment mocked the local news media for considering “Tim Murray’s legacy” and spent a lot of time speculating about the possibility that Deval Patrick forced Murray out.

Crosstown, the Beat the Press panel discussed whether the media has been too tough on Tim Murray, and pretty much concluded that it has.

Two different media worlds, yeah?


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3 Responses to Our ‘Beat The Press Party’ Bakeoff (Herald Comes In First! Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:


    Inasmuch as BTP was doing a fair amount of beating on Murray at the time of his accident, I would think that somewhere in GBH a wire or two got crossed.

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