WTF Ad o’ the Week (Star Parker Edition)

From our Whiskey Tango Foxtrot desk

CURE – the Center for Urban Renewal and Education – has just released a TV spot attacking gun-control advocates (read: Barack Obama) for trying to strip Black Americans of their right to own firearms that enable them to protect themselves and occasionally kill each other.

The spot (which is probably just a news ad – a commercial created not to run as paid advertising but to generate media coverage):


CURE description:

This ad illustrates the very real link between gun control and the historical black experience in this country.

Literally from Jim Crow until present day, black urban communities have been under siege.

During the Black Codes the right to bear arms was taken away and perpetuated during Jim Crow. Today, only 16 percent of Black Americans are armed, and in communities like Chicago where there is the most stringent of gun regulations, murder rates from gun violence are the highest in the nation.

The full measure of the Second Amendment must be upheld. It is in the best interest of all Americans, and especially African Americans.

For the full effect, check out CURE curator Star Parker on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program:



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