“September In July”? Try “Web On TV”

The 2012 presidential ad campaigns have gone microwave so early, it’s being called September in July.

But now here’s a new wrinkle:


He’s Barack Obama and he approves this message.


That ad is the stuff of web videos posted by Super PACs or party apparatchiks, not the actual presidential candidate.

Don’t get the hardworking staff wrong: This isn’t about the content; this is about the Obama campaign doing its own wet work instead of contracting it out.

Just one more example of defining politics-as-usual down.

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5 Responses to “September In July”? Try “Web On TV”

  1. I dunno, dude, I think it’ a pretty good ad. The guy can’t sing, and the people should know that.

  2. Laurence Glavin says:

    Over at Blue Mass Group, they’re exulting over this ad, describing it as “incredibly effective”. Adding to the jollity at BMG HQ, is Romneybot surrogate Kevin Madden’s gaffe, namely calling the song Willard could only approximate “God Bless America” when the piece being desecrated was “America the Beautiful.” I caught that mistake right away myself, but the FUNNIEST moment in the Sunday morning gabfest universe this weekend came when James Carville appeared on “This Week with Mister Alexandra Wentworth” on ABC-TV. At the exact moment when the camera provided a closeup of Mister Carville, the chyron below displayed: “CAMPAIGN GETS UGLY”. OK, Mister Carville may not be a Brad Pitt, or ME for that matter, but I thought that was unkind.

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