The Missus Gets A Letter From Ann Romney

From our Fan Mail From Some Flounder(ing Campaigns) desk

Well the Missus went to the mailbag today and out poured a letter with the return address ANN ROMNEY and the Missus turned to the hardworking staff and said, “Here – you deal with this.”

So we, dutifully, did.

And what the hardproxying staff discovered inside was – wait for it: we’re just opening the envelope now – a letter that begins this way [close-captioned for the Romney-impaired]:

                                                                       Wednesday Morning

Dear Friend,

Even though America has lost its way these past few years, I have not lost my faith in America.

[Yeah, $250 million in assets will do that for you.]

Like my husband, Mitt, I believe in America.

[As long as it doesn’t include Barack Obama as president.]

This is not just a campaign slogan — it is a deep-seated belief that comes from growing up with the best America has to offer: strong families, strong communities, strong faith, and a strong work ethic born of a sense of personal responsibility.

[In other words, a privileged upbringing. And yes, it is just a campaign slogan.]

But let’s cut to the nut graf:

Would you do me a favor and consider supporting the RNC’s important 2012 efforts with a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000?

Do you a favor? What – is the Missus related to you?

Hey – do yourself a favor, Ann. Stop sending letters to the Missus.

And oh, yeah – all you GOP phonebankers with caller IDs like Defeat Obama,  you can stop contacting the Missus ten times a day, too.

She’s a registered Democrat.

Move along. Nothing to collect here.

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7 Responses to The Missus Gets A Letter From Ann Romney

  1. Bud Martin says:

    Wow — impressive. I’ve decided to change my name to Ellen Degenerate and join the GOP! And on an unrelated note, I shall use many more exclamation points!!! Down with healthcare!!!!

  2. The Missus doesn’t appreciate hard-working millionaire working moms?

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  4. Michael Pahre says:

    That’s odd. I’m a registered unenrolled, and I haven’t been getting any of that garbage from the Romneys.

    I did get a gadzillion flyers and phone calls from Scott Brown a two years ago — and nothing from Martha Coakley.

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