London Olympics Five-Ring Circus (G4S Insecurity Services Edition)

The upcoming London Olympic Games are a disaster waiting to happen, from their inexplicable Olympics tower to their inexcusable security shortfall.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Security Shortfall Spotlights British Firm

U.K. security firm G4S PLC faced an onslaught of criticism on Friday after admitting it didn’t yet have enough personnel to guard the Olympic Games, with Prime Minister David Cameron calling for the company to face penalties.

G4S’s Chief Executive Nick Buckles has been asked to appear before a parliamentary committee Tuesday to answer questions about the G4S’s fulfillment of its £284 million ($440 million) contract to provide security guards at the Games, which are two weeks away.

G4S is supposed to provide 10,400 security guards for the Olympics. So far it has hired 4,000. Another 9,000 are “in the process of vetting, training and accreditation.”

The British government is so confident in that process, they’re deploying 3,500 military personnel to fill part of the gap. Happily, G4S will lose an estimated (by them) £50 million on the deal.

The funny thing (literally) is, while the BBC is covering this five-ring circus, it’s also spoofing it in the program – sorry, programme –  Twenty Twelve.


Problem is, as with so much of life these days, satire can’t get out front of reality.

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