Tikkun Is Now Officially Stalking The Hardworking Staff

Hard on the heels of Tikkun’s email blitz promoting its full-page ad in Wednesday’s New York Times (duly noted by the hardworking staff yesterday) comes a second wave of emails imploring us to interview editor Michael Lerner.

Exhibit Amail:

On Wednesday, March 7 we at Tikkun magazine placed a full page ad in the New York Times against a U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran, either now or after economic sanctions have “been given a chance to work.” Approximately 2,800 people signed the ad.  Please click here to view the ad and then consider helping its author, Rabbi Michael Lerner, get a hearing in your media . . .

Exhibit Bmail:

Do you have friends in Chicago, Dallas, New York, Montclair, or Boston who might be interested in hearing Rabbi Lerner speak? Rabbi Lerner will travel to all of these locations in the coming two weeks to speak about his new book, Embracing Israel/Palestine. In some locations, he’ll also discuss his vision for spiritually progressive activism and why he opposes war with Iran. In every location, the presentation will be followed by a Q&A and book-signing.

Not to enable the stalkers, but here’s Lerner’s Boston-area itinerary:

7pm, Wednesday, March 21: Debate-style event with Rabbi Lerner and Prof. Richard Landes at Boston University Hillel House, 213 Bay State Road in Boston. The topic is “A Debate About Israel, The Jewish People, and Our Path to Peace.” Contact Lauren Shuman at lshuman@bu.edu.

2pm, Thursday, March 22: Presentation on Embracing Israel/Palestine at Brandeis University, 415 South Street, Waltham, MA. Building and room number TBA. Contact fellman@brandeis.edu.

7pm, Thursday, March 22: Presentation on Embracing Israel/Palestine at Trinity Church, 206 Clarendon St., Boston, MA. Contact Bill Rich, WRich@trinitychurchboston.org.

Okay – now will you leave us alone, Tikkun?

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