NYT Bows To Pressure, Bars Campaign Outsider

When we last left the dogged opinion-mongering (or is that mongreling?) of Gail Collins, the hardworking staff had posted a comment on the New York Times website protesting her exclusion of our excellent Seamus Sweepstakes™ from yesterday’s column and said we’d keep you posted on our post.

Well we’re here to say that the Times has posted 691 comments on the column, none of which is ours.

Clearly Collins leaned on the Times masthead to behead the hardworking staff. But the joke might be on her, given this post at Buzzfeed:

Twitter Is Sick Of Gail Collins Writing About Mitt Romney’s Dog

Representative sample:

Time for everyone to jump on the Seamus Sweepstakes™, seems to us.

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2 Responses to NYT Bows To Pressure, Bars Campaign Outsider

  1. The NYT, willing to ethically curvate to protect their own interests? *shocked*

  2. Campaign Outsider says:

    Then there’s this, from splendid reader Mike Barry:


    Check the post “Revisionist History.” Very illuminating.

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