Tikkun Goes On The Anti-Warpath

The hardworking staff has a new pen pal: Tikkun, which describes itself as “A Jewish Magazine, an Interfaith movement.”

We received not one, but two emails yesterday urging us to interview Tikkun editor Michael Lerner.

From email #1:

I’m writing to let you know that, with $60,000+ in donations from interfaith supporters around the world, a full-page advertisement has been published in today’s New York Times against a U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran. (Click HERE to view the ad.) Rabbi Lerner, editor of Tikkun magazine, organized this massive effort and is very eager to be interviewed for any program or article that deals with the subject of Iran.

Very eager to be interviewed? Aren’t we all.

From email #2:

Media once again leads path to war–by ignoring that Obama and Netanyahu publicly legitimated a preemptive attack on Iran

Today, our ad saying “No” to a first strike (preemptive attack) by either Israel or the U.S. on Iran, appeared in the New York Times (in the National Edition it is on page A19). The ad was signed by 2,700 people. View the ad atwww.tikkun.org/iran

The media has distorted what has been going on between Obama and Netanyahu, representing it as Obama standing up to Netanyahu and being a hero for peace. But actually what happened is that Obama legitimated a first strike and preemptive attack on Iran, arguing with Netanyahu about the timing of such an attack, seeking to allow coercive economic sanctions to work first, but stating explicitly that Israel should not be constrained in any way to follow what it decides to be in its best national interest in regard to a strike on Iran. That’s why AIPAC gave him a standing ovation when Obama addressed them a few days ago.

Media distortion? No wonder the hardworking staff has been offered a chance to set the record straight.

For the record, the aforementioned ad:

(For actually readable version, see here.)

Full disclosure: The hardworking staff will not be interviewing Rabbi Lerner in the foreseeable future. But we will keep an eye on him.


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