Hey, Gail Collins: Who’s Dogging Who At This Point?

Campaign Outsider headline, October 20, 2011:

Gail Collins Back To Dogging Mitt Romney

Gail Collins headline, March 8, 2012:

Dogging Mitt Romney

Are we soulmates or what?

So how come Collins doesn’t mention our excellent Seamus Sweepstakes™ in today’s column, which starts this way:

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but Mitt Romney once drove to Canada with the family Irish setter on the roof of the car.

Seamus, the dog-on-the-roof, has become a kind of political icon. You cannot go anywhere without running into him. There are Seamus T-shirts and endless Web sites. This week, the story was a New Yorker cover, with Rick Santorum playing the role of the Irish setter.

Neil Swidey, the Boston Globe reporter who first broke the Seamus story in 2007, wrote recently that he had been avoiding a return to the topic for fear that some day the dog would wind up in the lead of his obituary.

Which I can totally understand.

Collins then conducts a Q&A with herself that’s heavy on Swidey but nowhere mentions the hardworking staff.

That’s just wrong.

(To clarify: We yield to no man in our respect for Neil Swidey’s work, but – hey – what about us?)

The hardworking staff has duly registered its protest in the Comments attached to Collins’s column.

We’ll keep you posted on whether it’s posted.

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3 Responses to Hey, Gail Collins: Who’s Dogging Who At This Point?

  1. Laurence glavin says:

    When I read the column, there were 444 comments. I comment all over the place, but I don’t bother when they scroll off more than two pages. If I’m among the first, the comment may stay visible to later readers though, for example Charlie Pierce’s blog at esquire.com and businessinsider.com. Chances are your comment was buried. I tried scrolling by ‘Oldest First’ and didn’t see it.

  2. Bill says:

    Hmmmm: should that be “Who’s Dogging Who” or “Who’s Dogging Whom” at the top, I wonder?

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