Elizabeth Warren Can’t Make Up Her Mind

The hardworking staff noted yesterday that U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Got Any Cash on You?) owed $336.99 to the charity of Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Gotcha!) choice for this violation of their People’s Pledge to keep third-party money out of their electoral race.

Via techPresident:

Elizabeth Warren is asking her supporters which charity Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown should donate money to after his supporters violated both campaigns’ pledge against third party ads. The Brown campaign has agreed to donate the money to a charity of the Warren campaign’s choice.

Warren’s appeal:

Help Scott Brown Fulfill the People’s Pledge

Elizabeth and Scott Brown made an agreement – called the People’s Pledge – to keep special interest groups’ ads out of our campaigns.

Scott Brown’s supporters just violated that pledge for the first time, and the Brown campaign has agreed to donate 50% of the value of the advertising spend to a charity of our choice, as outlined in the pledge.

Since this pledge is the People’s Pledge, we’d like your help picking the charity Scott Brown donates to.

Our suggestion: The Campaign Outsider Fund, dedicated to keeping the hardworking staff stuffed.

What – you have a better idea?

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