Ford’s SI Swimsuit Supermuddle

Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition always generates supermodel sparks, but this year’s offering features a extra wrinkle (Quick – get me Photoshop!).

From Adweek’s Adfreak blog:

Ford Sneaks a Fake Swimsuit Model Into ‘Sports Illustrated’

Dalena Henriques may not be real, but she loves the Mustang

Sports Illustrated‘s annual swimsuit issue hits newsstands today. And while it’s full of scantily clad models in bikinis, one young woman is not who she appears. As Creativity reports, a Ford print spread in the issue shows a beauty shot of the 2013 Mustang, along with a partial view of a model identified in the caption as “Dalena Henriques.”

The ad:

More from Adfreak:

There’s no website address, but readers who are interested enough to Google her will likely end up (mostly because there’s literally nothing else about this woman online). But instead of more information about her, the site simply shows more beauty shots of the Mustang, and more partial shots of Ms. Henriques, along with some pithy captions.

Nothing to get all pithy about – just stealth marketing as usual.


Originally posted on the Newer! Improveder! Sneak ADtack!

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1 Response to Ford’s SI Swimsuit Supermuddle

  1. Chris says:

    Thats just annoying. The pictures are all missing her face which after looking at each picture is simply annoying. Its like a hot chick with spinach in her teeth.

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