That’s Just So Mean! (Bianca de la Garza Edition)

Seriously, why do newspapers insist on running gape-mouthed photos of public figures?

Exhibit Bianca, from Wednesday’s Boston Globe Names feature:

That’s just not right.

(This regrettable journalistic practice has gone on for years, but the hardworking staff will dedicate itself to chronicling it in the months ahead. Because that’s how we do.)

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7 Responses to That’s Just So Mean! (Bianca de la Garza Edition)

  1. Alan Grossberg says:

    My entry for Bianca’s speech bubble:

    “And you thought this guy’s hard to understand from your side of the TV set?
    You should getta load of Mumbles in person!”

  2. cj says:

    Bianca has turned into the ubiquitous gal around town. Is she still a news performer, or is her career attending events and posing for society photographers?

  3. Wallace St. John says:

    I agree – that’s not the most flattering picture.
    We should be proud that she is a local woman who is
    talented and gifted and gives back to her community.

  4. David says:

    I think she looks beautiful. I love that she’s apparently having lots of fun. Why bother publishing a photo in a newspaper if it just look like the professional headshots that we’ve already seen? If the photo isn’t interesting then there’s no reason to print it — because in that case the picture would NOT be worth a thousand words — instead it would be worth only a handful — “Bianca de la Garza and Mayor Menino were there.”

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