Boston City Hall Plaza Redesign, Part Umpteen (II)

We’ve gone over this before, yes?

Regardless, here’s another proposal for transforming Boston’s City Hall Plaza, via Wednesday’s Boston Globe:

The transformation of Boston’s City Hall Plaza is supposed to take shape before you even know it’s happening.

Next year, the plaza’s bunker-like subway station will be replaced with a sleek glass structure. Then, trees will start to appear along Cambridge Street and in the plaza itself. Eventually, they will frame a new amphitheater for concerts, theater performances, and special events.

Within 10 years, the nine-acre plaza will scarcely resemble the barren expanse of red brick so many Bostonians have come to detest.

Obligatory pipedream rendering (compliments of HDR and Chan Krieger Sieniewicz Inc.):

Wake me when we get that Boston bike-share program.

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3 Responses to Boston City Hall Plaza Redesign, Part Umpteen (II)

  1. The Superess says:

    Just what we need another ‘glass box’ (MFA); are we not supposed to be going green?
    The AC needed to cool that monstrosity will cancel out the benefit of the trees instantly.
    What ere happened to form follows function ?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Don’t worry, O Superess – they won’t do this redesign either. They just won’t do it in stages.

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