Tea Party Is Mad As A Hatter

The Tea Party, which is to political movements what plaid is to Bermuda shorts, has a Tea-bag trifecta underway in Utah.

From Tuesday’s dead-tree New York Times:

3 Leading Mormon Politicians Feel Heat From Tea Party at Home in Utah

Call the roll: U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Forget About That Hanukkah Song); former Massachusetts governor and probable presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R-We Don’t Need No Stinking Tie!); former Utah governor and improbable presidential candidate Jon Huntsman (R-Am I Back from China Yet?).

All are, according to the Times, “facing varying degrees of revolt where they might least like it or expect it — in their own backyard among mostly Mormon Tea Party members who are pushing for still more conservative fortitude.”

That leaves Romney trying to explain away RomneyCare (rhymes with ObamaCare), while “supplicant” Hatch sucks up to the Tea Party like a Dyson Ball.

Mr. Hatch, in particular, is taking pre-emptive action by meeting with as many Tea Party groups as he can, said his campaign manager, David Hansen.

“Do I think we’ve made progress? Absolutely,” Mr. Hansen said. “They may not agree with everything he has done, but they appreciate that he is listening to them and talking to them.”

In at least 25 to 30 meetings over the last year, by Mr. Hansen’s count, Mr. Hatch has “emphasized things they believe in and he has supported,” Mr. Hansen said. “It’s an ongoing process; it will continue.”

In other words, continue to suck it up, Orrin.

Meanwhile, here’s what Huntsman faces:

Mr. Huntsman took a moderate stance on many social issues as governor and also supported carbon emissions cap-and-trade legislation to reduce heat-trapping gases, another Tea Party no-no.

“On a good day, he’s a socialist,” said Darcy Van Orden, a co-founder of Utah Rising, a clearinghouse group, referring to Mr. Huntsman. “On a bad day, he’s a communist.”

Good lord – do these people even know what a socialist or communist is?

Just one more reason to fear for the Republic.

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