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That’s What You Get Living In Mayberry

Boston residents got a big helping of more of the same following last night’s State of the City address by Mayor-for-Life Thomas M. Menino. Boston Globe report: Optimistic Menino makes return to public stage In a speech by turns sentimental and unabashedly bullish, … Continue reading

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Classic Menino: High Dudgeon Over Small Stuff

America’s smallest big-city mayor Tom Menino is at it again, this time going after Niketown t-shirts. From today’s Boston Herald: Mayor Thomas M. Menino blasts Nike over dopey t-shirts Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is calling on Niketown to yank a disturbing … Continue reading

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That’s Just So Mean! (Bianca de la Garza Edition)

Seriously, why do newspapers insist on running gape-mouthed photos of public figures? Exhibit Bianca, from Wednesday’s Boston Globe Names feature: That’s just not right. (This regrettable journalistic practice has gone on for years, but the hardworking staff will dedicate itself … Continue reading

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