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That’s Just So Awkward! (NYT CEO Snubs NYT Edition)

(Tip o’ the pixel to the Missus) Thursday’s New York Times featured this piece on page A8: Britain Will Look at Why BBC Severance Payments Exceeded Contract Terms LONDON — When it comes to the BBC and funding that is … Continue reading

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Hopper! Thou Shouldst Be Living At This Hour: Boston Hath Need Of Thee

From our William Wordsworth desk It was the Missus who pointed out that Wednesday’s Boston Globe front-page photo looked like an Edward Hopper painting.   Close-up:   Just like Hopper: Bleak, ambiguous, ominous.  

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Dear WGBH: This. Totally. Blows. (II)

So the hardworking staff repaired to the Global Worldwide Headquarters ’round midnight to do a little ruminating and construing, and – resignedly – flipped the radio on to WCRB (since WGBH radio has abandoned jazz for a bunch of yack … Continue reading

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