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Round Midnight at the Global Worldwide Headquarters (‘Extravagant’ Anita O’Day Edition)

The hardworking staff has always had a thing for the great Anita O’Day. (She chose that stage name because it was pig Latin for “dough,” which is what she wanted to make.) And lately we’ve been hitting Replay on her … Continue reading

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Dear WGBH: This. Totally. Blows. (II)

So the hardworking staff repaired to the Global Worldwide Headquarters ’round midnight to do a little ruminating and construing, and – resignedly – flipped the radio on to WCRB (since WGBH radio has abandoned jazz for a bunch of yack … Continue reading

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Jazz On A Winter’s Day

Dunno why, just thought I’d pass this along: Have a great O’Day.  

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