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Donald Trump Gets Mt. McKinley Wrong (Big Surprise)

From our To Know Trump desk Donald Trump, who is his own political reality show, has proven to be the most unreliable source since Charles Kinbote in Vladimir Nabokov’s Rubik’s novel Pale Fire. Exhibit Umpteen: This 1990 Vanity Fair profile by Marie Brenner (tip … Continue reading

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Liz Warren Groupies Ad to Their Daft Draft

For months now the Loony Left has been chasing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Sort of No) to join the presidential scrum the way Vladimir Nabokov chased butterflies to join his collection. Now they’ve ad-ed this (via Politico Playbook) in the Concord Monitor.   … Continue reading

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Pale Fire (Back) on Nabokov’s Posthumous Novel

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal piece headlined “Ghost Writers” detailed “[a] new wave of posthumous books by iconic authors.” Among them: Vladimir Nabokov’s “The Original of Laura.” Vladimir Nabokov instructed his family to burn his final novel, “The Original of Laura,” after … Continue reading

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