Donald Trump Gets Mt. McKinley Wrong (Big Surprise)

From our To Know Trump desk

Donald Trump, who is his own political reality show, has proven to be the most unreliable source since Charles Kinbote in Vladimir Nabokov’s Rubik’s novel Pale Fire.

Exhibit Umpteen: This 1990 Vanity Fair profile by Marie Brenner (tip o’ the pixel to Longform).

And Umpteen + One: Trump’s current take on Barack Obama’s renaming Alaska’s Mt. McKinley Mt. Denali.

From @realDonaldTrump:


Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 1.05.19 AM


Except . . .

It was named Mt. McKinley in 1917, which is less than 100 years ago.

Not to get technical about it.

Which many media outlets haven’t. This Fortune piece, for example, lets Trump and House Speaker John Boehner get the math wrong.

But that’s par for the course with the news media’s Trump Chump submission.

Another case in point is this Politico piece about yesterday’s Trump/Bush video rumpus. It ends with these three tweets from Trump:

Yet another weak hit by a candidate with a failing campaign. Will Jeb sink as low in the polls as the others who have gone after me?

Jeb is spending millions of dollars on “hit” ads funded by lobbyists & special interests. Bad system.

While millions are being spent against me in attack ads, they are paid for by the “bosses” and “owners” of candidates. I am self funding.

Politico totally lets Trump get away with the “millions in attack ads” when, in fact, there are none. Ditto for today’s edition of MSNBC’s First Read.

Not that everyone is letting Trump get away with pushing his parallel reality. Check out Stephen Loiaconi’s WJLA (ABC’s Washington D.C. affiliate) web piece yesterday. (Shameless self-promotion alert: The chinstroking staff is quoted in the piece.)

So, to recap: Is letting Trump fudge a couple of years on Mt. McKinley a big deal? Not really. But it’s symptomatic of a press performance that’s all too often as unreality-based as Trump’s.

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2 Responses to Donald Trump Gets Mt. McKinley Wrong (Big Surprise)

  1. It’s not often a summer replacement show gets signed for the fall.

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