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Conflict of Interest at Politico Massachusetts Playbook (II)

Well the hardworking staff wandered into a bit of a quagmire yesterday when we looked at the confluence of a Massachusetts Playbook ad and some Massachusetts Playbook editorial content that both seemed to have the same objective: to boost the expansion … Continue reading

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Conflict of Interest at Politico’s Massachusetts Playbook?

Well the hardworking staff was just sitting here in the Global Worldwide Headquarters minding our own business, when this popped up on the Twitters.     Of course we immediately asked Dan Currie if he has any connection to the … Continue reading

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It’s Good To Live In A Two-Newspaper Town (Dukakis/Romney Slapfight Edition)

Tuesday’s dead-tree Boston Herald ran a State House News Service story headlined, “The Duke dumps on Romney.” Subhed: Dukakis: ‘Lousy’ gov is ‘the biggest’ letdown The ex-gubernatorial slapfight kicked off with the Duke putting up his dukes, to wit: A fiery … Continue reading

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